Sunday, February 24, 2008


I had made a TUMBLER as a request and didn't put it here. Someone asked about it on the Cricut Message Board so I am putting it on here now. In the preview screen I had put some hair from Paper Doll Dress Up on it. I deleted the hair for the file so it would be completely a George cut. If you use it you will also have to draw on a face, figured that would be easier than making teeny tiny eyes, nose and mouth and trying to have the cricut cut them. The limbs should be easy to move around if you want a different position. If you move them around and mess up never fear you can always come back and download it again! *SMILE*


  1. Okie you are so awesome!!!! Way to go!

  2. that is soo cool now i just have to think of a card to put it on i want to make him