Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life is...better in flip flops - Layout

Evidently I need to go through my folder labeled "layout" because I have found some in there I have never posted! I get in designing kicks sometimes and then forget about posting the layout for download. I actually did this one over a year ago and I'm sure I was thinking of some vacation pictures when I did it. This will be perfect for some pictures of my BFF Karen and I on past vacations as she is the queen of flip flops! I actually think she moved to Florida so she can wear her flips all year round, but don't tell her I said that!

I'm sure you could change the elements if you wanted to just use the flip flops and title but since I have quite a few beach pictures I decided to use the sand, and a life preserver on this design. 

I decided to use some circle text in part of the title because I get bored with the same old straight titles on scrapbook pages. Thank goodness I can do the circle text in Make The Cut fairly easily. I just hope the dang thing cuts okay because some of the lines are a little thin.

You can download this layout design below:


  1. This is really a cute layout Shirley! I too love to live in my flip flops. lol Hugs, Brenda

  2. Love your layout. perfect for a day at the beach or a cruise day.

  3. OK as a person who lives in her flip flops ..... I love this!!

  4. Very cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Cute layout! Perfect for summer or cruise pictures. Thanks.