Friday, August 8, 2014

Pazzles Vue In Da House!

So much time has passed since March that I don't remember if I had mentioned I had got in on the pre-orders for the new Pazzles Vue, if I hadn't well then I guess you now know that I got my Pazzles Vue! It arrived on Tuesday and I haven't had much time to play with it but I did at least do a few test cuts.

When ordering the new machine there were several color choices and of course I chose RED! I think I might need to add some black vinyl dots to really make it feel like mine HA HA HA. The machine doesn't look much different than the original Pazzles, the shape and buttons are all the same but there are a few differences. The new version has a small pull out that helps with mat support and there are tabs to slide the mat under, and I'm really going to like those!

The first cut I did was straight from the tutorial in the little booklet and I know I took a picture and posted it on Facebook but for the life of me I can't seem to find it so I can share it here! Anyway it cut like buttah! The mat for the Vue is a bit different than the original mat if you are going to do Print and Cut and I need to find out if that is the mat I need to use for regular cuts as well...I haven't read that far.

I was anxious about trying out the Print and Cut because I have been concerned about the accuracy. The calibration was a breeze to do and I only calibrated once before making my first PNC *okie hopes folks understand from now now on when she says PNC she means Print and Cut*. I read the directions several times and I am quite sure the process is a lot simpler than I made it because I was a bit distracted when I was trying it out.

I can imagine your shock to see the first PNC was a ladybug! HA HA HA I was really impressed with the evenness around the image with the very first attempt. I did see how to make the cut closer but haven't tried it yet.

The machine maybe a bit more quiet than the original but again I am not sure since I haven't used it much. I will say that new mat was super sticky, and right now still is, and in my excitement I am sure I didn't prep the mat as well as I should have.

The software that comes with the Vue seems like it is going to be easier to learn than I thought and it does have a lot of features like Make the Cut. I am however waiting patiently for MTC to get the plug-in for the Vue so I can go back to using it. Hopefully I can start playing with the new machine soon and get to know this machine as well as I have my machines in the past.


  1. Looks like a great machine! The ladybug looks like it is evenly shadowed or whatever they call it.