Friday, May 30, 2014

6x6 Mini Album Challenge - Carmen's Version!

After doing the double door album Carmen and I decided to do another challenge with a 6x6 album. The rules were we had to use the cuts I made in Make the Cut and we had to use Graphic45 papers, any Graphic45 papers. Now here is where it gets weird...we both decided to use Le Cirque!  We didn't know this until after we had started! Carmen used more of the backs of the papers, which is something we love about G45 papers - if ya don't like the front the other side usually has something you do like!

Carmen decided she would maker hers a "Inspire Album" more than a photo album and while we used the same cuts and a lot of the same papers it is quite amazing how different the albums look. I will be posting mine tomorrow.

I don't have a lot of description for Carmen's album so I will just be making some random comments about the pictures as we go along. On the cover she made some rosettes and I think they turned out fabulous!

I don't know what kind of little grommet things she used on the tags but I gotsta gotsta get me some!

Here is an individual picture of her tags. I'm not sure where the quote papers came from or if she printed them. She doesn't always tell me all her secrets.

I think this might be my favorite page of her album. There is just something about the images she used and put together that just makes me love it!

I did make cuts for some flip up pages and Carmen scored a center line and made the album have a few more pages, something I didn't even think of!

I love all the chalkboard images she has, she must tell me where these came from!

She did make a few pages for photos. She is going to give this album to her daughter, Dani, when she returns to college in the fall. Dani will be able to easily add a few of her favorite photos to the album to personalize it.

Dani can add two photos here, or she can cut smaller ones and do a collage of small photos on these two pages.

You might be able to see a little more easier from this picture, looking at the red based pages, of how she made the flap cuts have 4 sides. Mine only have 3 since one was used to adhere the flap to the album. 

Again with the awesome grommet things! I don't know how she did that butterfly but I love it as well. I think the little watch embellishment was genius with the tag saying!

Individual picture of the tags where you can see the sayings on them a little better.

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt is so awesome and one of my personal favorites!

Okay if you look closely you can see she used Nesties on this page, at least that is what it looks like to me.

Another favorite saying of mine! I love how she added the little blingy flourish. 

I think this might be from Graphic45 but I'm not sure. I do know it is not from the Le Cirque collection!

I love all the patterns used on this page...the polka dots, plaid, small dots and typewritten background!

Oh did you notice the Washi tape she used? She and I have discussed many times about how to use the tapes and I'm glad she figured out a way to use some...I still need to figure it out on my projects!

And last but not least, her back cover. I think she chose the perfect quotes for the back cover!

When Carmen sent me the pictures and I looked at them I was in awe of all her work! I told her she had completely out done herself on this project. Carmen often says she likes my stuff better and I always tell her she can make the same stuff. I really just don't think she gives herself near enough credit for her artistic abilities! 

Like I mentioned earlier, I will be posting my album tomorrow for ya'll to see. We will be laying off the challenges for a bit since I have to get things together for my groups to make birthday cards over the next few weeks, that will be 48 card kits total that I have to get ready. I think the cards might be really simple this year.


  1. This album is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You had me with the roses on the front of the album. The colors of the album are great. I love all the verses or sayings in the book.
    I have seen this paper out and never cared for it much but I think I just changed my mind after seeing this album.

  2. Yes Carmen, spill! -- Kathy Wyatt

  3. Gorgeous! I love all those tags and the beautiful G-45 papers.

  4. Please tell Carmen that she made one of the most awesome books I've ever seen!!! If I had even half of her talent I'd be happy!!! I can't wait to see your book!
    *Karla Fahlbusch Hilbourn"

  5. Thanks everyone. The paperline is Graphic 45's Typography. I found this paper after I had started the project and fell in love with it. Shirley the butterly was made with these Elizabeth Craft Designs products: Peel Off Stickers, double sided adhesive and Silk Microfine Glitter. I used American Crafts Chromatix alcohol markers to color the butterfly, which is a real cool technique because you just tough the tip of the marker to the glitter and it spreads beautifully.