Friday, July 26, 2013

Peach Festival - Layout

My friend Linda and I decided to spend a day at a craft show and then go over to a little town about 15 miles from here for the infamous Peach Festival. We were quite excited about the festival since neither of us have been. Our excitement quickly turned to disappointment as we didn't find one peach at the festival! Luckily we did stop at a fruit stand before the festival and Linda did get some peaches there.

There were a few vendors and Linda did get to hold a gun, which was rather frightening. Linda started feeling shaky and was able to get a chicken tamale. I don't like tamales, they look like they would be mushy in my mouth *okie cringes at the thought* so I opted to wait. There were a few other food vendors but all their lines were extremely long. 

Since I knew I would take my camera I designed a layout before hand. I know now that I will only need like one page to scrap this since there wasn't much to take pictures of, at least not that we saw. Even though the event was probably not layout worthy I thought I would post the file anyway.

Cuts in this file -
Branch and Blooms



  1. Thanks for sharing! This is a cute layout! Sorry the festival was a disappointment.

  2. I'm curious as to what photos you're going to put on this. I know you got one of a sign! lol!

  3. We started to come down to the peach festival from OKC. But were there years ago and we didn't see a peach either... they were suppose to have free homemade peach ice cream... the ice cream was from Hiland Diary I think... BIG DISAPPOINTMENT... so we stayed home. I told my hubby if we went that far we had to go to Ada.. he just laughted at me..

  4. Sorry the festival was a bust, but your layout is really cute. BethAnn M.

  5. I had to laugh, similiar situation. We went to a Blueberry Festival and there were no blueberries either ... LOL! Loved your layout!