Monday, July 1, 2013

All Scrapbook Steals...WOW!

My friend Carmen and I were having one of our infamous online shopping sprees last week and came across a fantastic deal on acrylic albums at All Scrapbook Steals. First, let me tell you about our infamous sprees. For a few years now Carmen and I have a habit of talking on the phone and perusing the internet for fabulous buys of scrappy supplies. We fill our carts up with what we want and then try and think if we really want or need the items. Over the years I figure we have bought "virtually" close to a quarter of a million dollars worth of supplies and by virtually I mean virtual world...we usually don't buy the stuff but dream of it. Luckily most places have the carts empty after you leave the site.

But back to this deal we found. Most of ya'll know I love to alter things...tins, frames, albums, basically anything that I can cover in paper. Well the price on these albums was AWESOME! They had the Scrapworks 6x6 tabbed acrylic albums for $1...yep you read that right! Of course we couldn't resist and had to "actually" buy some! I got them within a few days and I am quite pleased with them and can't wait to get busy on these. Last time I checked they still had some albums but the price is now $2.99 which is also a great price since these usually retail for about $10 or more.

When I alter things I generally like to have a template so it makes it easier to figure out any cuts I might want to make and in true okie fashion I made a template for these albums. I am sharing the file in Make The Cut format for anyone else who might have gotten in on the deal, or if you just want the template for future reference or *okie think she has a lot of or's in the water and then cracks up at her wonderful sense of humor* if you already have some and need a template.

I have been working on one of these using the Basic Grey Wassil 6x6 paper pad and I am really loving having the template! I am able to get my images cut to just the right size and can see where I want to place things on the page.

I guess you could use it for cutting your own little albums out of chipboard if you wished. So anyway, here is the file for you to do with what you will. 

Download file -
MTC - Scrapworks 6x6 Tabbed Album


  1. What a sweet deal! Can't wait to see what you create with them. Will the MTC file be able to be used in the Pazzles?


    1. I use MTC with my Pazzles, not quite sure I understand your question.