Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Craftroom Is Closing Down....

I am posting this because maybe it will give me the motivation I need to finish washing my shelving and get them in my craftroom and reorganized. I am not looking forward to this task but then again I am. I actually think it is the cleaning of the shelves that I am not looking forward to because we all know how I love to organize! LOL

I was browsing Craigslist last weekend and came across these shelves. They were posted over a month ago so I was surprised to find he still had them. I just knew they would be perfect for my craftroom and a lot cheaper than going all the way to Frisco Texas to Ikea and getting another Expedit unit. However that trip would have been nice since I know I would be going with Linda *okie thinks it would be fairly easy to talk Linda into a trip since she is always wanting to go somewhere* and maybe meet up with Joy and Melanie for lunch. But like I said, these were local and a lot cheaper. Oh but back to the shelves...I thought they looked like something that library books are on and figured they would be sturdy enough for anything I might put on them but come to find out they were for medical files, which is still paper, which is still heavy...well you get my point.

It took me a few days to be able to go pick them up and my friend Khrystal was nice enough to volunteer her husbands truck. The shelves came apart really easily and while they aren't has heavy as I thought they were they are still pretty darn sturdy. I was thinking of painting them white but after washing parts of the shelving I have decided that I am really kinda digging the off white with a touch of rust look, and besides they are gonna be full in no time and no one will see them so what's the point of painting them...RIGHT??

So I guess until I get these bad boys washed up, put together, in  my craftroom and things reorganized my craftroom will be closing down.....I hope it doesn't take all summer *okie sighs deeply*.


  1. You the paint would just slow you down beause you would have to let it dry too! That would delay your creativity even more! Lol!! Can't have that!! Can't wait to see them full!!

  2. I hope it doesn't take you long at all. You will be MISSED. Hurry back
    Linda in Stanwood

  3. oh nice shelves. have fun orgnanizing.

  4. Great find. I like the off white vintage look too. Have fun!