Friday, June 15, 2012

And The Saga Continues

So evidently I am now sending hate emails. I had a Rebecca Cole contact me on Facebook wanting to be my friend and I sent the following message...

My message to Rebecca Cole:
Due to some strange circumstances going on right now I am not accepting new friends without verifying identity of those who are sending me friends requests. What mutual friends do we have and why do you want to be my friend on Facebook?

She replied this and added the picture below as an attachement.

Shirley I began following you and I liked your crafting style, but after what you done to my dear friend, I can't support you!! what you did was so mean and sick. Sending that hate mail. How can you hate someone so much that you dont even know?

I replied:
So then why did you send me a friends request if you can't support me? I don't hate anyone. I only work to expose those who have bad business practices with others so my other FRIENDS don't have the same issues.

She replied:
what you did to her is uncalled for. She has never done anything to you. I sent the request in hopes that you would see that she is not who people are making her out to be. But that email you sent her above, shows you can't see the light and the truth. What you are posting is not true. You have no right when you dont know the whole story. How can you hate her? You dont even know her?

My reply:
You ain't real bright are ya...I will be posting the pic on my blog for all to read. I am finding this more and more amusing as you are grasping at straws.

Her reply:
who is grasping for straws, you sent her that email? You sick!!!

My reply:
Well this whole conversation is going on my blog as well.

Her reply:
good, post it and dont forget to post the pic of you evil email to Angela or are you to chicken shit to do so?
you sick and everyone will know what you really do!!! Delete my name and leave me alone!!!!

And then she blocked me.

I guess she will know here shortly that I did indeed post the link as well as a screen shot of the email that was doctored.

I am sure she is likely going to check all this to see if I am going to defend myself but there is nothing to defend since I have done nothing wrong. I am sure she wants me to plead to my readers to understand that I didn't send the email but not for one second do I feel any of my readers or friends would think I would send such an email...well okay I might but I would admit to it because...THAT IS HOW I ROLL!! HA HA HA HA


  1. Rebecca - check the time stamp. How can Shirley reply to email 3 hours before Angela sent her the original email?

    Shirley - thanks for the laughs tonite.

  2. IT is also not the way you talk.

    If anyone knows you at all they could read that and know you didn't write it!!

  3. Okie, I don't know you, but I am glad that I can have something to laugh about, because the drama these ladies have been causing has stressed me tremendously. Caution, Rebecca is probably one of her alias, but I am thinking it's her partner in crime, who has sent hate mails on facebook by the name Rebecca Stein. They are very good at altering documents, but at the end of the day, the truth will set us free. I honestly don't understand how they have sooooo much time to cause trouble for themselves. I'm glad you can stand up to these people. I have been dealing with bullying since December 13, 2011, and I can honesty say they don't stop.

  4. Wow, extremely sick individual, she must not get much done at home if she has this much time to alter emails. Sick sick sick!!!!

  5. This is not good Shirley. I do not like this ... the whole thing is getting out of control. It is very obvious that your Ms Angela has fraudulently altered one of your e-mails with a willful and malicious intent to cause you harm.

    To add to the mess, she is either involving her friends in her game, or she is sending you this message using a false identity. These messages sound like they are coming from someone very young and poorly educated. Let's face it, she is not too bright (she could also use a crash course in both grammar and spelling).

    My personal thought is that you are dealing with someone that is off balance and sorely in need of psychological help. She is also extremely angry. You just never know what someone like that will do ... she is already showing signs of very malicious behavior.

    Take care GF!

  6. These people definitely do not read your blog.

    You'd never send such a poorly worded email. If you wanted to tell someone that you hated them, it would be done much more eloquently. LOL!

    So, they didn't hack into your email account, they just faked one with your signature and claim you sent it?

    These folks, or maybe it's just one person, ain't right bright!

    I was considering changing to a new email address and even FB account in case they hacked mine, but decided they're really not worth all the time and effort.

    People that I correspond with will know that I wouldn't send messages out like that. I might be angry about something but have better English and writing skills!

  7. The grammer alone is proof it didn't come from you. There are many reasons by reading that email that it is evident you did not send it. I really am not so much defending you as stating the obvious. Anyone who has followed you for any length of time knows the truth.Does she all this is giving her positive feedback for her "bussiness" what ever it is.

  8. Okie, I am glad that you and Linda are not allowing this pathetic behavior to get you down. Your followers know that terrible grammar and spelling could not have come from you or Linda (based on reading her past comments).

  9. I just learned (at a school assembly given by one of our local FBI agents) that it is against the law in most states to willfully pretend to be someone else online. Anyone getting bothered by these women on FB or anywhere else should use the privacy/safety/help link on the page to report what is being done. Too bad they're not smart enough to know that all electronic communications over the internet can be traced back (quite easily) to the originating computer.....

    Also, anyone feeling bullied can file a lawsuit against the offenders, but unless you've had to change your life because of it, you lose. She clearly isn't feeling like she can no longer use her computer or the internet. So, if she's really hoping to file and win, she'll have to stop all her computer use.

  10. Unfortunately, Facebook, you can report until you are blue in the face. Trust me I have been maliciously attacked by that individual and her partner in crime for a while now. They have posted and pretended to be me and someone else and made it look like we were mocking and teasing Angela, when it was not TRUE at all. I have all these people blocked on facebook, but since they have created multiple accounts they befriend my friends with their fake accounts and obtain information on me. Facebook will not and does not do anything to stop bullies.

    We are dealing with truly sick individuals that do not have anything better to do but to bully and harrass people.

    They have a way to visit your blog and the live traffic feed does not track them. They think they are ahead of the law, but little do they know that they aren't.

  11. WOW!!! This is quite entertaining! That email is hilarious and anyone in their right mind can tell that it has been altered to try to turn your blog followers against you...too bad it doesn't seem to be working....I agree with the others though...this person is SICK and TWISTED and needs to get a LIFE! The only point they seem to be getting across is that they are childish, ridiculous, and demented...wait...does that make me a CYBER BULLY??? MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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