Saturday, December 24, 2011

Party with Naomi

Over the years you guys have heard so much about Naomi, the lady who use to live next door to me but more importantly a very special and dear friend, so I thought I would share a few pictures so you can see who Naomi is and also that she has a wonderful and loving family.

Thursday evening was the party where my friend Naomi is residing now and she had invited me to come. All her family were going to be there and do some singing for the residents. Of course I have a difficult time telling Naomi "no I ain't gonna come" so I got dressed up and went to the party and I am so glad I did!

Naomi's sister, brother and nephews do a lot of singing in their churches and sometimes for occasions like weddings and such. Her great niece did a dance to Jingle Bell Rock and her great nephew did a dance to Do You Know Blitzen, the kids did a fabulous job and I couldn't believe now they just got up there and danced and sang in front of all those people! Of course their grandma, Naomi's sister Janice, does a lot of work with them as she is a music teacher where they attend elementary school.

Here is a picture of Naomi's sister Janice and Janice's oldest son Justin. He has a wonderful deep voice that reverberates throughout a room and just makes one feel the music and song.

Janice forgot her camera and I told her not to worry that I would get plenty of pictures, which I think I got about 40 good ones of everyone. She wanted a picture of all of them together so we went into the library to get a family picture. Naomi's brother John and already left by this time but we did manage to get Naomi, her mom, Janice and her husband, children and grandchildren for the picture.

Oh Janice's husband James played Santa Claus for the party and Janice couldn't resist sneaking a kiss from Santa! It was funny to see the two little ones be scared of Santa, even when they showed them "it's just Pops!". Neither of the two would go to him and would shy away. I think Janice is going to have to do a little more work on the youngest two before they are going to be ready for the stage like their older brother and sister!

I feel so lucky that Naomi's family understand what a special friend Naomi is to me and they are wonderful to always include me in conversations and even invite me to family functions. I am invited for dinner tomorrow night at Janice's house. Okay, I might have really invited myself since James is the most awesome cook! But they didn't seem to mind when I asked what time dinner starts *okie giggles*. A few years back my daughter was gone to Texas for Christmas and Naomi wasn't feeling like getting out of the house and Janice was afraid Naomi wouldn't go out to Janice's for dinner so Janice called me. Janice told me "Sister (that is what they call Naomi) says she is feeling sick and doesn't want to come out to the house for dinner. I know Shiane is gone and I think if you tell her you will bring her out she will come. But you will have to stay so she will come out here." I told Janice I would talk to Naomi about it. I called Naomi and she asked, in her sickly voice I might add, if Janice had called me and I told her yes and Naomi said "well what do you think". I told her "if you want to go I will take you and since you aren't feeling well I will stay and can bring you home at anytime you are ready". Naomi, let me tell you, is one sly little dog! Her voice immediately perked up and she began to tell me what time she would be ready to go. What I didn't realize is that Naomi didn't want me to spend Christmas by myself so I think her and Janice cooked up the whole plot!

Now you know a little more about my Naomi and her wonderful family!

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  1. You are blessed indeed to have such caring friends. Merry Christmas Okie!

  2. and they are blessed to have you! From one who has worked in the nursing home and assisted living industry, THANK YOU! For taking the time to continue to see your very special friend. You don't know how many times friends and family get "too busy" to attend these functions. You just went up another notch in my book! Merry Christmas Shirley!

  3. Merry Christmas Shirley!!! Naomi is so lucky to have a friend like you and I know you are lucky to have her too.

    Marilyn C.

  4. Happy belated Birthday and a Merry Christmas! You are one special lady! I wish I was one of your best friends. Adopt me? LOL

    Thank you for your wonderful stories!

  5. What a great post and Naomi have infectious smiles!!

  6. What a lovely story. :-) What a wonderful friend you have, and what a wonderful friend you are. Happy Christmas. Jude.x

  7. What a beautiful picture with you and your very beautiful friend.

    Happy belated birthday Shirley and Merry Christmas.


  8. are such an angel and a Christmas Angel at that! What a wonderful story and what wonderful families! Everyone is so blessed and isn't that what Christmas is about? Merry Christmas Okie!

  9. Oh, Shirley, what a special friend you are! I think you are such a softie and you cover it up talking chit! Merry Christmas!

  10. You are blessed to have this "extended" family and they are blessed to have you as well! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with them and may you have many more with your Sweet Naomi!


  11. You two look like great friends!

    Kathy Wyatt