Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am working frantically at this point as it really hit me this morning that I only have one week until my Girlfriend Christmas Party! Where did the time go? I always do this, thinking I have plenty of time and then the pressure gets on when I realize....I HAVE NO TIME!

This morning I am working on finishing up the wine charms for each guest. I will be posting a video of how I did the shrinky dinks for the wine charms and also the finished project. There will be other posts coming soon of some other projects that I have made for the party but don't want to post yet. So you see I have been crafting, crafting like crazy actually...I just can't post the projects until after the party.

My BFF Karen will be in on Thursday evening. I will go to OKC and pick her up at the airport. We will spend Friday doing our grocery shopping and getting the tables ready and living room ready. Karen always comes in a few days early and helps me. I am hoping to have more done this year so we can enjoy our time together instead of just working on the party stuff *okie knows in her heart that won't be happening and that poor BFF Karen will be running around as frantic as okie*. We do plan on having lunch with Naomi on Friday. I already told Naomi we would bring her lunch that day and I think she is looking forward to seeing Karen. Everyone always loves Karen! She is one of those people who are funnier than hell without even trying to be funny.

I first met Karen back in January of 1987, she was an exchange student from a university in Massachusetts. We quickly became friends and remained friends throughout the years. We would lose contact occasionally but then find each other again. Karen decided to fly out to see me several years ago and ever since then we have contact from once a week to daily. Now days if she goes a few days without returning my call I will leave her a voice mail and say "Karen, you have until tomorrow to call me. If I don't hear from you by then I AM CALLING DORIS!", Doris is Karen's mother. I generally get a call within a few hours saying "OMG! DON'T CALL DORIS!" and we both laugh.

Now you might wonder why I would worry about Karen not returning my call since she is an adult. Karen is a travel nurse and goes all over the United States to locations that she hasn't been before and where she doesn't know anyone, I being the mother hen of course worry about her. When she is driving to a new location I will work my schedule around her driving so I can be available to guide her through different highways and interstates. She does have a GPS, but let me tell ya something...those things aren't always right! I also will make hotel reservations for Karen. When she starts feeling tired she will let me know how much longer she wants to drive and I will get on the computer and start looking for hotels in the area. I should have her credit card number memorized by now as many times as I have made reservations for her, but I am not good with remembering numbers. Maybe that is why she is always so willing to tell it to me again, knowing I will never remember it *okie thinks she might write it down next time and keep it in a safe place and do some damage at the Coach Outlet*.

But back to the party! I still have some things to wrap up, literally, but must take pictures of the projects first. My daughter will work on decorating the house tomorrow. I have to get the swag bags ready, putting all the items in. I will take pictures of those as well to show you guys. I did get my Santa Bucks for the auction all printed and put in their envelopes I made *okie makes a mental note to take pictures of those and post an explanation about Santa Bucks*. Linda, aka LGuild, informed me this morning that I have to make the same appetizers I do every year, even though I was wanting to try something new I guess I won't *okie swears she has the bossiest friends on this earth*.  I have my list on the computer of things I need to do and things I have completed so I am good there. I am just afraid to look at the list and see that I might be further behind than I think! I guess I better get busy and get more things done or I will be rushing around here like a chicken with my head cut off. Now that's an odd little saying isn't it? But no time to try and contemplate where it came from...I GOT WORK TO DO!


  1. You know if those bacon/cracker appetizers aren't on the table, there just might be a "scene" so just get the stuff and make 'em! LOL!

    It's sneaking up on me too! I can't believe that it's just a week away.

  2. Wish I lived closer. I enjoy reading about the party every year and can only imagine the antics that don't make it to print!

  3. I want to be your friend and come to the party - it sounds like so much fun. I think you need a Georgia peach.

  4. a chicken with it's head cut off? That is a very good saying and you would know what it meant if you had ever chopped a chicken's head off and watched it run headless around the barnyard! I watched my mother do that.

  5. You are so funny and yet so kind hearted. You crack me up! Your party will come off without a hitch and will be anxious to see everything. Just remember to enjoy and lots of pics!

  6. Wow you are going to have one busy busy week. Sounds like a lot of fun for the party. Wanted to let you know you totally enable me. I got a Kindle Fire yesterday. Guy asked me what I was most looking forward to doing with it. I said you wouldn't understand if I told you! You sold me when I found out my handbooks could go on it. Thanks Okie!

  7. Sounds like the party of the year!!!! Hope all goes well and you have the best party ever!!!!
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  8. WOW, Okie, you sound like me. I too am having my bff's over this Tuesday for our holiday get-together and boy did it sneak up on me. We finally all got smart and the host makes a few things and provides beverages, but everyone brings something. The problem this year is everyone wanted to bring desserts and I had to tell a couple of them not too. Not that there could ever be too many desserts.

    I have committed to too many projects for others too and have not evern begun them. Better get on my Cricut tonight, since I promised to do some cutting for some of my co-workers and school and even though we had almost an entire week off, I did none of it. So I guess I know what I'll be doing before returning to school tommorrow.


  9. I'm sure you'll pull it off just in the nick of time. The best parties are always that way. Can't way to see pics and hear all the details. Smooches... Felicia