Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's A Soapbox Day....

No I am not making soap or boxes for soap...I am on my soap box *okie suddenly fears this dang box she is standing on might not be sturdy enough to hold her fat azz and steps down*. Okay it is theoretically a soapbox...

I know I have talked many times about my feelings concerning ProvoCraft and their customer base, but I am going to do it again today.

I guess I am still amazed at how so many consumers have a sense of "ownership" of ProvoCraft and how they are never pleased and want to tell ProvoCraft how to run the company, what changes need to be made, how to treat their customers and so many other things. I can't think of any other company that I deal with, and I stress the "I" in that, that allows their customers so much input to the likes of ProvoCraft. I can't imagine being on a messageboard for my cellphone and telling HTC that they need to stop making new models of phones, or they need to make new models of phones. I can't imagine being on a Dell messageboard and telling them what processors they need to use, what color of computers they need to manufacture, etc.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there are so many products in our lives that we don't even consider trying to tell the companies that make the products how to run their company or manufacture their products to please us I wonder why we often feel we can with ProvoCraft. Heck if there is a product I like I buy it. If I don't like like the product I stop buying it. I don't go and tell the company how I think they need to do things differently. Sure I might shoot them an email and tell them "hey tried your product and it fell apart on me. Not to pleased with the service so from now on I won't be buying from you again", at least this way I got it off my chest and they know I was a dissatisfied customer. But I don't see myself continually emailing or messaging the company and telling them "you need to do this, or you need to do that". I am more of a "put your money where your mouth is" kinda person...

Oh and let me ask...*okie hopes people realize this is a rhetorical question*, why is it that when I tell someone "Put your money where your mouth is" people think I am rude? I am simply saying "if you don't like the product don't buy it" *okie sighs and rolls her eyes at the thought of some, especially ONE, super sensitive person she encounters at times*.

That's all for that today...just had a few thoughts about all this and figured I could type them out on my blog. Oh and...just remember one thing 'THIS IS MY HOUSE UP IN HERE! I WON'T TAKE NO ABUSE IN MY HOUSE".

*okie smiles sweetly*  Hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. AMEN!

    Live and let live ;o))
    People are the same all over the world I guess....

    Greets Marlies.

  2. You go girl, my feelings exactly. You can't please all the people all the time. And they have given us a universe of crafting tools that have changed crafting forever. I for one never ever did paper crafting until I saw the Cricut four years ago and had to have one, now I have four and more cartridges than my husband should know about, I have donated two to my grandsons' school and the teachers are always wanting me to cut something. I love my stuff!! Now I just got to figure out how to keep an earthquake from breaking it. LOL
    Betty in Tulsa

  3. You speak the truth, my sister! For the life of me I just do not understand folks sometimes!

  4. I agree re. voting with your pocketbook. I would add that because ProvoCraft constantly seeks feedback, it does create an expectation that they want comments and are listening to customers. No excuses for those being rude. I will add from a company perspective, free information, even if hostile, can still have value.

  5. I'm wondering if you were reading the message board? LOL I definitely agree, if all you can do is gripe about a product, don't invest in it any more! Take your money somewhere else :)

  6. I agree that comments should not get so rude, but there is real emotion behind her feelings. Rather than bashing we should help understand the problem and try for resolution. PC has done some great things right but they have also done somethings very wrong. (not referring to the lawsuits simply machine problems) This person may have very valid frustrations and simply not expressing them well. She may be completely off her rocker but who knows when we flog her for her ideas. In my own opinion if I buy a product for several hundred dollars and it never works and I never get my money back I feel I have an obligation to tell others of my experience to help save more frustrations.

  7. Okie
    I always enjoy hearing your point of views on things, and I agree, put your money where your mouth is

  8. I have to agree with you Okie. If I'm not happy with a product or service I dont give them my return business. And to be honest...if it is the service I'm unhappy with I will often give them a second chance! I try to go on the theory that the employee I was talking to may be having a bad day...lol...must be those 32 years in the retail world...believe me...some days it aint a pretty one!

  9. I agree most of the time, however sometimes griping seems to be the only recourse. It's the squeaky wheel gets the grease thing. I think it's ironic that today you have this topic and when I went to go to the PC message board I couldn't get on. An error message of some type comes up.
    Thanks for your ideas and inspiration.

  10. OMG...that is perfect!! I couldnt agree more! thanks and hopefully many, many will read this today!

  11. Exactly how I feel!!! Really it's just these internet tough guys. As long as there's a keyboard in the way, they think they are invincible. My husband encounters the same types in his online gaming.

    Love it, Okie!!!

  12. I agree, the best way to vote is always with your dollar, however, I do understand why some companies do get a bad reputation and criticism.

    I personally love my cricut(my old machines and my I), but when asked I always tell people to do their homework and look at all machines available on the market because I don't always think the message board is the best place to look. I do think there are extremes on both sides of the spectrum.

    Okie, I really do like your soapbox posts. : )

  13. I agree I love your blog
    keep it up I am so tired of
    everyone complaining. We are
    so lucky to live where we do
    and have so many choices.


  14. I so agree. I am so tired of people going on a free board to bash the company that is giving them the board. If you are not happy don't buy. And if you don't like the way Provo Craft runs their message board then don't get on. People constantly want to complain to the air. If you have a complaint then take it to the right people so action can be taken or not but at least get it to the right people.
    Shari Stevenson

  15. Totally agree with you..... !!!! One phrase that I would tell "those" people.
    "GET A LIFE !!!"

  16. I am in total agreement with you! When my daughter was in elementary school her 3rd grade teacher would tell the kids "if you have something to say, think about it 3x before you open your mouth. Think it through the first time, think it through a second time and if on the 3rd time it still sounds okay, then say it." I think that is great advice for everyone!

    I am totally in agreement with you on this whole thing. I'm not certain what triggled all this, but I think Provo Craft is amazing. I've had to call support a couple of times and they have always gone above and beyond to help me out.

    Take anyone of these complaining people and put them on the receiving side and I'm sure they would not like it.

    So hats off to you for taking your stance on your Soapbox and I'm right behind you!

  17. You usually bring as smile to my face and today's no different. I agree with you. I love PC and if I have a problem, I call PC. They have always helped me. I really hope they update the cartridge library though.( Not a criticism, just a hope.)

  18. Beautifully said Okie, BRAVO!

    What some don't even realize, is that the MB is NOT PC Customer Service. Those that complain would have far better results if they contacted PC directly. The Customer Support Reps have always been very pleasant and helped me when I've called, even when they had to refer my questions to others, there was always a follow-up call.

    The whole idea behind the MB is to have a place where crafters could share their projects and ideas, help and support one another, chat with fellow crafters, make friends and have fun. Those that go their to complain and start drama, do little more than annoy others ... don't they realize that the ones they are most annoyed with, are the complainers themselves?

    If you have an issue, go to the source for resolution ... or just stop buying the products. That's a pretty simple concept! If you have a genuine question, ask it, the many talented crafters on the MB are always willing to help if they can.

    Whoa, I guess I have my own soapbox to stand on regarding this subject, sorry about that. What can I say? I just want the MB to be a pleasant and fun experience for everyone.

    Happy Crafting EVERYONE ... and here's to keeping it fun!


  19. My Mom always taught me if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.
    There is things that PC has done that I don't like (splitting the MB up ) but never did I once ever say anything about it.
    I never called them, I never cussed them, But I didn't like it.
    I don't agree with alot of thing but for the most part I keep my opinions to myself.
    If I do a survey then I answer honestly but not in mean words.
    After all if I had a Company, I sure wouldn't want people telling me how to run it when they don't know what the next step is.
    But I very seldom go to the MB's now either.
    I was on the MB before they had the star system, I remember when you come on there. I thought you reminded me of my oldest Sister.
    Say what you mean and mean what you say ...LOL

  20. I agree with you also Okie. Provo Craft goes out of their way to find out what we, the consumers, want. And, I actually was on the phone with a PC customer service rep. just a couple days ago. She was very helpful in getting me the reward certificate number that was missing from my cartridge. I think they are an innovative, consumer friendly company. Hopefully some of the nay sayers will learn something positive through your soapbox and our comments. Have a great and crafty day!!!

  21. Preach it, honey!!! I so agree with you. I appreciate the fact that PC does have a messageboard for us to make new friends and to share our ideas. When I see a gripe thread, I just do my best to stay out of it. Just what you said - if you don't like it, don't buy it.

  22. Can I get a BIG AMEN!!! I agree with you 110%. I have had a couple of problems with my some of my PC items and their customer service has been out of this world awesome!!! While I may not like everything they do, I'm not going to complain or make a stink because they are one of the most generous companies I have ever dealt with. Again, thank you for all you do for your bloggie followers.

  23. Can I get a BIG AMEN?!!! I agree with you 110%. PC is one of the very few companies that go above and beyond in their customer service. They are top notch. Thank you for all you do for your bloggie followers.

  24. Okie your totally right and i wish everyone would JUST SHUT UP ABOUT PC some carts i like some i don't but they do ahellva lot more for us then they should. You never can make everyone happy

  25. If there's room on this particular soapbox I'd be more than happy to stand up there with you. Couldn't agree more .... well said Okie! hugs, eileen

  26. Thank you Okie! I get so tired of people complaining! Count your blessings! I LOVE MY CRICUT!!!

    I think a lot of people would benefit in writing a gratitude list instead of complaining! I am sure Provocraft is not the only thing they complain about.

  27. So well put !!!

  28. OMGOD i am so with you on this. i can't tell you how many times over the years i have thought the SAME thing. i would really like someone to name ONE other company that would do exactly what random customers demand - PC operates no differently than everyone else. they just have one of the largest groups of cranky customers with nothing better to do that i have ever seen. your analogies are spot on my friend!

  29. The next time you run into the whiners! Ask them "Do you want some cheese to go with that whine?".

  30. Your thoughts are exactly what keep my postings on the MB to a minimum. And we must be cut from a similar clothe because I say "put your money where your mouth is" most of the time. I don't think it is rude I think it exactly how we feel. OBTW love the walk with a grasshopper. (I'm a late comer to your blog)

  31. Right on Sista, nobody is making them stay here and continue to spend their money on products they complain about later. If she was really truely wanting a real answer to her questions she would have sent an email to PC and not posted on the message board. When you post that type of post on the message board you want to stir up trouble.
    I don't love everything about PC but there isn't a company out there that I love everything about them. It's the nature of being a consumer.
    THanks for all the laughs you give us on here. Also LOVED the grasshopper story.
    Thanks, Dana @papermemories4u@ yahoo.com

  32. Well said! I totally agree with you, but think that some people (rolling my eyes here, because I know so many of them!)are into the drama and need to have something to complain about. I don't bother with them any more.
    (and yes, I am reading your posts backwards tonight! LOL!)

  33. You better preach girl... Well said. Smooches... Felicia