Friday, July 22, 2011

WOW Time flies!!

I was going through my video's on YouTube and saw this one of Lucy. I can't believe that has been almost a year ago! How so much has changed in my life and so much stayed the same....


  1. Too funny! Time does fly, my life has had many changes in the last 6 months. Stay cool today!

  2. So nice that you have video.

  3. LOL! My samson (jack russell terrier) acts the same way when he knows he has done something wrong. He will turn his head and act like he's not listening. It just cracks me up. He says "Talk to the paw, momma!" LOL

    Marilyn C.

  4. What a sweet video! I don't have any videos of my pets over the years... But I do have photo's and some scrapbook pages.... :o)

  5. Oh how cute that is ... it's almost as if Lucy feels that if she doesn't look at you, then she won't have to admit that she ripped her poor baby's head. That has gotta make you smile!