Friday, July 22, 2011

Got a new vehicle!

Or at least a new to me vehicle! My little Metro has been on the verge of biting the dust and the battery died on Monday. I got a new battery and everything SEEMED fine. I went to see Naomi on Wednesday evening and when I left there my car wouldn't start. After some walking in the heat, cooling down, and having a dear friend give me a ride I made it back home. Another friend, later that night, took me to get jumper cables and we jumped the car and got it back home. I turned the car off and POOF, it wouldn't start.

Car trouble is the one thing that will frustrate and stress me beyond belief. I was posting my woes on Facebook when my Aunt Betty posted she was selling her Kia Sedona because she got a newer vehicle and "it runs great and the A/C works" *okie now wonders how she has been able to survive two summers without A/C in her car*. Being the wonderful aunt and uncle that my Aunt Betty and Uncle Perk are, they are allowing me to make payments to them for the Sedona! *okie knows God has truly blessed her with a wonderful life* After a quick trip up to my aunt and uncles I now have a mini van that my daughter has dubbed "The Shaggin Wagon" *okie thinks her daughter deserves a thump on the head for this one*.

When we got back home yesterday I had to take my daughter to the doctor because she hasn't been feeling well. Come to find out she has pink eye and strep throat. She kept saying she wanted to drive "The Shaggin Wagon" and I thought she was kidding. She told me she had never driven a mini van and wanted to know what it was like. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take her picture! Notice the glossy red right eye, great pic huh! HA HA She also said something about "OMG! CAN YOU SAY ROAD TRIPPPP!" I don't think she will be allowed to drive it very much because there is no telling where it might end up!

Today I decided Lucy needed to go for her first ride. I was going to go get a diet coke and my friend Nancy called and she was right outside my house so I told her she could go with us. We were driving around and I told her to take a picture of Lucy riding. Lucy looks like she approves and will enjoy the mini van *okie is so trying not to continue to call it the Shaggin Wagon*. I think Lucy liked being able to ride in a vehicle that had A/C and she has plenty of windows to look out of and ample seating to lay down if she gets tired. Okay I really gotta laugh at this point because when my daughter was younger I would haul her friends around in my Metro and they would be all cramped up. Now that she is grown and I have Lucy at home with me I have a mini van to haul Lucy around in!

I had posted pictures of my new vehicle on Facebook and I got tons of comments about how much scrappy supplies it will hold. While I am quite sure there is plenty of room for just about anything I might want to stick in there the sad truth is that now I am flat busted and have no money for scrappy supplies, especially with a car payment. But on the positive note, well I already have enough supplies to last me a few years so I don't really need to shop for any scrappy supplies. So in the end it will all work out just fine!


  1. Congrats on your new (to you) vehicle. So glad to see you are past your "Not fit to Post" faze.

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  3. Congrats!!! I hate car trouble too.. My van it 11 yrs old and still getting me where I need to go.. You will fit so much in there and Lucy looks so happy.. Drive safe!!! wash the steering wheel so you don't catch pink eye ;) LisaMH

  4. Love the new van!!! Car troubles are the b * h! :-) Single mom like you I HATE feeling defenseless when mechanical things break... The irony for me is the ex wasn't handy. I just sometimes wish I could pass the burden to another just once to help carry the load. Then all is fixed and life is good again and I drag myself out of my pity party and say thank you to life for all my blessings. :-) Life is what you make it and with heat this summer on the east coast I'm into banana splits.

  5. Congrats on the new wheels. I had to do that last summer so I feel you pain in the payment department. That on top of 2 kids in college, ouch. Enjoy the new vehicle!

  6. Okie

    I am afraid The Shaggin Wagon has stuck! Cute van and I am happy for you to have a good vehicle with AC!!!! Lucy looks adorable sitting in the back seat. She needs to teach my Jack Russell Terrier how to act and sit in the back! UGH!

    Marilyn C.

  7. Well Congrats on the "New to You" Car! Looks like it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! I use to have a mini van and LOVED it! Of course I have an SUV now and LOVE it too!! I like the space.... :o) Enjoy your new ride! And I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  8. I know you will enjoy the "shaggin wagon" AND the a/c. I love the pic of Lucy - you can really tell she approves.

  9. Congrats on the new mini van Okie! Enjoy the A/C. Love the pics and it definitely looks like Lucy is the happiest camper of all.

  10. You will love that van. I love mine. I can literally haul just about anything I want in it. LOTSO room for boxes of scrap supplies for that long weekend crop! Taller, too, so you can see around you when you are driving AND big trucks and such can see YOU better, too.
    It is so great for you to have AC. It will make you blog more.

  11. OMG ... that pic of Lucy is totally priceless ... she looks like she is totally tickled pink that her Mommy bought her a brand new fancy car with lots of room and A/C too!

    I can't blame her one bit, it looks like a wonderful new vehicle (and it looks like a FUN ride too). I'm glad to hear that you will now be driving around in safety and comfort too.