Monday, November 16, 2009

Mini Lunch box tins...who got some

Did any of you guys get the mini lunch box tins from Dollar Tree? I got a few *okie laughs at saying a few* and started altering last night. I did a cut file for covering the tin that I need to tweak just a bit. If any of you got the tin let me know and I will post the cut file tonight. It includes cuts for the top, bottom, side and lid side. The cuts are there for where the latch is, which is a pain in the hiney when trying to cut by hand.


  1. Okie-at your suggestion I picked up a few as well. Oh the endless possibilities for what can go inside. I would love the cut file for help in altering them.

  2. Yes, Okie I picked up 10 of them. I was stressing b/c i had never done any before. Thanks for offering up the cut file for them, this will help a great deal. Do you paint the can first? I was thinking of painting them a solid color. Mine are all a printed design even the edges.

  3. inspire-a-tion.blogspot.comNovember 16, 2009 at 1:18 PM

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  4. I didn't get any, but I might just run down there and see if they have some left just so I can use your cut file and save some time. LOL Thanks Okie again for always sharing.

  5. I would love the cut file. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Really? Dollar Tree? I wish I can go but I'm sitting and his mommy forgot to leave the car seat...bummer.

  7. Yes and mine was filled with beef jerky! Ok I didn't the lunch boxes, but I thought I would mention the beef jerky now that I got it! LOL

  8. I just found your blog, so I didn't know about the Dollar Tree tins. Hmmmmmm, wonder if they have any left.

  9. Yes I got three, that is all that they had left! PLEASE make my life LOTS easier and post this!

  10. I got them Okie. Cut file ...cut file... cut file. LOL!

  11. I just ran out and had to get some. Don't quite know what I will put in them...but that's a decision for later. Please send the cut file.