Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was able to whip out these six cards in no time! I found the layout idea in a Cards Magazine that my friend Scraparazzi sent me and couldn't wait to try it. I was at the LSS yesterday and ran across some Pinecone Press Halloween paper. One of the sheets was all word blocks and I knew it would be perfect for quick cards *okie loves quick.....most of the time....but she won't talk about that right now*. The great thing is that there were enough word blocks for plenty of cards and I will be able to share with my friend Linda!

You can click the pictures to see close ups of the cards.

I used Stickles to jazz the cards up some more for the main images. I used Prima flowers on some of the cards. They are from a Halloween set I got last year. Then on some of the cards I used smaller word blocks. I did use the Threading water punch on some of the card mats and then the Victorian blade from my Purple Cows Cutter on some of the others. On the image mats I used my Purple Cows cutter with the Deckle blade *which is totally okie's favorite blade by far*. I used the Signo Um-153 pen on the image mats and Stampin Up black marker for the stitching look on the green mat. For the card edging I used some white acrylic paint with a piece of sponge.


  1. These are so darn cute, I can't stand it! You rock, OKIE! Now how quick was it to make these? I can't believe it went fast because they have so much detail and are just FABULOUS!

  2. Joy I swear they were very fast to make. They only look like they have a lot of detail. I probably made all 6, including cutting, doodling, inking, etc in about an hour...and I was on the phone while doing it LOL. Now that I have all the word blocks cut I could probably make 6 more even faster!

  3. I love this cards they really are cute. You are inspiring me to go and make some Halloween cards for my blog. I took everything out this morning but got side-tracked and there went the cards. Great job!!!

  4. WOW..Absolutely fabulous cards!!! I really like all the cute sayings, going to have to try and find the sayings paper!!!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Lisa Sturgill

  5. I love these, they are so cute!!!

  6. How stinkin' cute are these?! Quick or not - these turned out spook-tacular!
    Hugs & Happy Days!