Monday, May 18, 2009

I am NOT back...but I need to be, or maybe not

I think there has been some confusion. I am NOT back. I just posted where I have been. I am not sure when I will be back as I am in the hands of the landlord at this point. Didn't that just sound like a line out of a really bad movie? HA HA HA.......but did! *okie waits to hear the dum duh da dum music....but hears nothing....shrugs shoulders* okay guess it was just me that thought that.

I still haven't finished clearing out the craft room. Not that there is still that much stuff, but rather I am just that lazy. Which is kinda bad since I should have made 2 graduation cards before I packed everything up and now I can't even get to my stuff to make any cards so I will have to get, *okie guys get ready to gasp* STORE BOUGHT CARDS!! *okie hears the huge enormous gasp* Told ya to get ready to gasp!

I don't mind giving SB cards at all, because think about it for a is for graduation. What do graduates do? They open the card smile, skim the message quickly and then look for a check or cash that should have fell out when they opened the card. So do ya think 2 years from now those kids will say "Shirley sure spent a lot of time on that card she made me for graduation". NOOO!!! They will say "that cheapskate Shirley only gave me 20 bucks for graduation!". So you see it doesn't matter what the card looks like anyway! *okie cracks up laughin and noddin with a look of 'ya'll know good and well I just spoke the truth!'*


  1. Amen sister! Store bought cards for graduations are A ok in my book!
    Look forward to seeing you back when your house is done and you are ready.

  2. Ha! Isn't that the truth!! SB cards for graduation are A-OK in my book. :) I had just glanced at our fridge and realized I needed to go BUY a card or two myself.

  3. If your landlord's contact info just happened to leak... and then that landlord just happened to get hundreds of calls... do you think it might speed up the process??

    I mean... just thinking outloud!!

    haha :) Can't wait til you are all set up again, I love your creations!!!!

  4. Okie,

    Glad to see you posting even if you aren't back. We miss your humor on the MB! I buy SB cards all the time, just recently for Mother's Day!!! Take care and hurry that landlord along. :)

  5. Miss you Oakie! You have a great point about the graduates. Heck, they won't even skim the message!!!

  6. Hi Girlfriend! I'm glad you are still with us....I know what it is like when you're trying to stop smoking. I did it for 3 months, and I think I a grouch, at least that is what my daughter said...
    Can't wait until you are back!

    Hugz, xx


  7. Hi Okie It good to a posting from you, hope the landlord will set you free in time. hihihi.

    Good luck on cleaning out you rcraftroom.

    Hug Linda

  8. glad to hear your doing ok even with everything that is going on your way. Hurry back we all miss you.