Sunday, May 17, 2009


I apologize for not posting sooner. There is a lot going on around here right now and I promise I haven't made anything new and not posted it.....I just haven't made anything at all. Well to be perfectly honest I have made a huge mess in my craft room, but more about that in a minute. If ya have a few minutes get comfortable and read what has been going on.

First off.....every thing is okay, ju
st very busy.

Where should I start....

house being repainted, process going on. The landlord's wife came to pick up the rent last month and she caught me during one of my quitting smoking mood swings *okie wonders if the poor lady will ever be the same* and she made the mistake of asking "so how is the house". I went off in a tirade about everything they were suppose to have been replacing or repairing in the last few years and never have and how "I will let the house fall down around my ears BECAUSE I ONLY RENT". Anywho *okie says in a sweet voice and a smile*.......they have painted the living room, bedrooms hallway, dining area and kitchen so far. I also got a new stove top *okie had been needing that for about 3 years* which I am thrilled about, maybe now I won't be simmering something and then it decide to go to a roiling boil!! And have other things they are going to fix around here very soon. I guess if I had stopped smoking sooner I wouldn't have had to wait so long to get things done around here! LOL

My niece, her husband, her mom *which is okie's cousin, but niece is actually okie's second cousin but has always refered to okie as that should confuse everyone*, and her little sister came to stay right after the painting because she had to go to a hospital here in town to have her baby. We have a boy. He is a III so they are calling him Trip. Of course it is funny to me because their last name is LeForce so when Trip is about 3 and people ask him his name I can just hear him saying, in that little speech impediment way that 3 year olds have, "Triple Force". When I informed my niece of this she was like "OMG! I never thought about that". Her husband in true male fashion smiled nodded his head as if in pride and said "Man that is cool!". As you can see he is a cutie indeed!

I had the 16th Annual Childrens Behavioral Health Conference in Norman Oklahoma to go to for work. I was able to attend some interesting workshops.......and do a little shopping! And I mean little. I got a set of See D's sentiment stamps at Hobby Lobby. They were marked down from 11.99 to 7.19 and then for some odd reason they took 50% off *okie ain't one to look a bargain gift in the mouth* so I was really excited about that. I really liked all the sentiments the set had, it seemed to cover pretty much occasion. I sure hate that Inque Boutique, the makes of See D's sold out...can we have a moment of silence? *okie bows head in respect*

I also got myself a pair of speedo flip flops at Khols. And of course I spent more money on my daughter than I did myself.....darn kids sure get in the way of things don't they! LOL She was thrilled when I came in with a few new summer clothes for her.

About 10pm I was sitting at my computer and was finishing up a
load of laundry. I hear a BBZZZTTTT from the dryer, and my dryer does not have a buzzer, and then orange flashes from inside the dryer. I was able to act quickly and avoid a fire. *OKIE IS DEFINATELY BLESSED BY GOD*. The dryer and washer now repaired, yes I said washer too! LOL The washer didn't catch on fire, I just figured why not have the repair man fix it too while he was here....if your cam dogs go out, well the darn washer won't agitate like it should.

As you can see by the picture it was the wiring that went bad, likely due to vibrations over the years. It is as good as new now.

May 12th

Landlord came by to pick up rent *yeah it is due on the 1st, I left a check when I had gone to the conference, and the check still hasn't been cashed.......landlord doesn't get in a hurry about anything much I guess* and said his son is ready to come back and finish painting. The craftroom will be getting painted and get a new floor. The bathroom on this side of the house will get a new toilet and sink and also painted. They are going to paint the laundry hallway and laundry area also.

So I don't have a picture of me giving my landlord the check, and not really sure why I would take a picture of that I figured I would at least put this picture of my flooded backyard that was taken that same day. I love the rain because we need it but I am ready for some sunshine for awhile. I don't even know if I will be able to get a garden in this year due to all the rain!! heck this weekend...

I have been trying to get my craft room stuff packed away so it will be ready for paint and flooring. It is a bit of a larger task than I thought. I do have most of my scrap supplies moved already. I have to tear down the computer desk and not even sure where to put it while this part of the house gets redone. I am trying to go through and throw some things away that I don't use anymore or I know I won't use, which is very hard for me. But I will be so glad to get rid of this nasty carpet! *okie totally hates carpet and thinks all carpet should be burned at the stake*

y are going to be redoing the hallway to the kitchen, the laundry area and the bathroom on this side of the house also.

I just hope the
y have it done before the first weekend in June, I have company coming after that!! have ya'll been? *okie cracks up laughin*


  1. Wow, have you been busy!!! What a darling little boy - you will really have fun scrapping him!

    What a chore to get ready for all the repairs and painting - but how nice and fresh your house will be (especially since you quit smoking - you'll be surprised how the smoke gets into everything - at least it did in my house!)

    CONGRATS on quitting and sticking to it! You did it soon enough to avoid more lung damage (I smoked 40 yrs and, luckily, I still have 70% of my lung capacity - but I have to use oxygen and inhalers - but I've started therapy to learn how to breathe and exercise (like I need to know that - LOL) - I did actually stay on a treadmill for 30 mins. 2 days this week!!!!! - If you knew me you'd know how BIG that is!!

    Anyway, glad to see you are okay!
    Welcome back!

    KraftyChick for Cricut MB

  2. Hi Okie,

    Wow, busy girl! Glad you're back posting. Sounds crazy but it felt like one of my girlfriends went on vacation and forgot to tell me. Can't wait to see your craftroom all put back together. Sorry you have to endure the move and the mess in the meantime.


  3. HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!! wow girl! you have been buuussssyyyy!! can't wait to see what that craft room is going to look like.....where did all you craft stuff go?? I'm picturing is stuffed in the tub, in the oven , in the fridge....LOL!!!! We got snow today...I'd much rather have your rain :)

  4. I was wondering where you were... How exciting getting everything all painted... And what a darling little guy you have there.

  5. wow Okie you sure have been and still are busy.

    Where I have been, you don;t want to know. HIHI i was mostly in the dark, because of my migraines.

    But I feel a bit better and went back to crafting, o dear, i totally forgot about my laundry. My girls need clean clothes..

    ok, i'm off, doing the laundry now.
    Have a great sunday and I hope they are done painting and all by the start of June.

    Hug Linda

  6. Glad to hear that you are okay. Haven't seen you on the board lately so I had to come and see what you were up to.
    Certainly looks like you have been very busy but your new scrap room will look great when you are done!!!

    I have been smoke free for over 10 years now and it was one of the hardest things I ever did. Keep up the good work!!!


  7. I've missed reading your blog - so glad to have you back!Love that new paint smell- it will make you think you have a new house!

  8. well.... u r sure BACK!!!
    great blog.
    angela. xxx

  9. WOW you have been busy!!! what a cutie pie the baby is :D and wont you be thrilled when you can set up your craft room again and make some cards!! thanks for checking in and letting us know what youve been up to :D

  10. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've been checking your blog almost every day to see if something new was posted. Glad to hear you are back online.

    Little Trip looks adorable. Congrats to the family!

    New paint, new stove top, and new carpet... You're going to feel like a new woman!

    Welcome back...

  11. Hang in there Okie!!!! Congrats on the new stuff in the house and especially the new little blessing in your family 'Triple Force'

    I also have little distant cousins that call me aunt. Kinda crazy, but makes me feel more special because of it.

    Can't wait to see the new scraproom once its up and ready.

    Marilyn C.
    In Tennessee

  12. Glad to hear you are back, wow, you have been busy and I though I was with my 2 kiddos, but I'll be very busy this summer with the oldest one going to all kind of activities because i don't think I can survive with both of them at home,LOL!!! But i am really glad that things are working for you,and we need pictures of your new scraproom when they are done!!! Thanks for posting and let us know what you've been up to.

  13. Ok - I guess you are excused for keeping a low profile these past few weeks. Missed you though. Very new to cricut mb but you keep me entertained.

    It will be wonderful when your house is done. Since quitting smoking this is an awesome time for new paint and flooring. Get rid of all those nasty smells.

    Also can't wait to hear about all the treasures you find in your stashes that you forgot you had.

  14. Nice to see you Okie. Wow your house is gonna be fab. Shame I don't smoke cause then I could quit and get my landlord to do that for me beause my house sure needs painting lol!

  15. Yea, Okie's back. Well, kind of. Sounds like you've really been busy and that you'll have a totally revamped house when all is said and done. Congrats on Great-Aunthood! He is a cutie!

  16. Glad your back. I bet you can't wait to get scrapping.

  17. WOW you are a busy chicken ~ we hope to see you soon with a cute shinny new house! I am coming to TX 2 months and hoping we cook hook up! I would love to meet you and Robyn both... Take Care!