Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Checking in

I still have my headache. Not as frequently and not as piercing right now, but still there. It does go away sometimes but right now it has decided to come back and visit. Talk about unwanted company!! *okie does not remember making an invitation for a headache...hhmmm...maybe she should go through that box of cards she made just to make sure*.

I did go to the doctor yesterday and she said it is likely nothing serious since I am not having any temperature, dizziness or other symptoms... likely just tension headaches but she was concerned about me having them everyday like I am. She prescribed Fioricet. It doesn't make the pain go away but it does knock my *beep* out! Uhh...maybe it does make the pain go away but I am knocked out before I realize the pain is gone *okie shrugs and makes a who in the heck knows face*

I took the medicine last night and it did eventually knock me out but not before I was slurring and kinda drooling a bit when I went to go check on Naomi. I got home and called my friend Carmen, aka Carmen 1, aka Scrappinbee, aka BEE, aka Agnes. She told me I sounded drunk and that I needed to go to bed. So I did go around 9 and was out by 9:30...missed the end of Castle but luckily Carmen was able to fill me in today while I was driving to and from client's houses.

I got done with work early today and came home and took my medicine and out I went again. I am getting ready to go to bed now since I took the medicine a bit ago. I will probably try and get done early with work again tomorrow so I can do a repeat. I think I might have been luckier tonight had I not groomed Lucy and had my neck in odd positions. I gotta feel better tomorrow night since LOST is on.

Okay signing off..sitting here at the computer makes my head hurt worse...goodnight!!


  1. Hope your head gets better before LOST comes on!! Thanks for checking in and letting us know your ok (or at least still breathing!!) night okie ;-)

  2. I truly feel for you. I get headaches daily. I have been getting them for years and am so sick of them. I also get...besides my everyday headaches.....migraines. So, I am very familiar with the headaches route. I am now taking a muscle relaxer called baclofen every night before bed. That does seem to help. When I start to get a migraine during the day and nothing else helps, I take another one. They do not make me dippy or tired, they relax my neck muscles...I can actually feel them relax....they are pretty awesome...maybe they will help you if your headaches are from tension. Might be worth mentioning to your doctor to see what they think. Good luck with them...they SUCK!!!!!!!
    ....Sharon :)

  3. Feel better Okie!!! I miss your creative projects!!!! After you posted how you organized you embossing folders, I sat down that night and did the same. I love it!!! Please feel better soon!!!

    Take care,

    Baltimore, MD

  4. Geez Okie, I'm sorry you're having those awful headaches. Not smoking is supposed to make you feel better, not worse. You didn't give up caffeine at the same time did you? I get some nasty, nasty headaches and I've started using HEADON extra strength and HEADON migraine. It's that obnoxious commerical on tv, but the stuff really, really works! No harm in trying it - it even lets you stay up and watch TV. Hope you feel better.

  5. I am really hoping you feel better soon. I am sorry that you are having such awful withdrawl symptoms! It's gotta get better soon! I just know it!
    I am saying a prayer for you right now!
    Stick with it!

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!! Miss you at the challenges on the MB.

  7. Hi Okie!

    So sorry!

    When I read your post about headaches I just had to respond. I have suffered with headaches for a VERY long time ~ so I feel your pain!

    Follow up is so important! Treating the symptoms is ok for the short-term but treating the cause is key. If you have to get a second or even a third opinion so be it.

    If there is ever anything I can help you with please let me know.