Saturday, January 24, 2009

Confidential Birthday

Is what I am calling this card! I have the .cut file for Confidential Birthday Plantin version and Confidential Birthday George version *okie didn't forget the baby bug users....since she just now got the E!*. As you can see by the picture there is a card inside the card. This is an A2 size card.

The Plantin version uses a 12x12 mat and will cut 2 cards at a time. The George version uses a 6x12 mat and cuts one card at a time.

NOW...please note there are other carts used on this card!! Basecamp for the question mark
Graphically Speaking for the words on the front of the card but you can change them to something else if you like, just highlight and delete what you can't use and replace with what you want. Also the George version doesn't have the "you're how old" since I did it in Plantin and I wasn't sure what cart to do it in for George users so you will have to do your own if you want that saying in the card.

You can see the score lines in this picture. I did make score marks for where the card folds over, but not the flaps, you just score along the line of the card. Also the version I uploaded will look different because I goofed on the tabs on the one I cut, but they are fixed in the cut file.

These are the mats you end up with. Be careful with the sizes because they are easy to confuse. I do have them labeled on the picture and also on the mat in the order they go. The slide out card mat is just a hair smaller than the front mat. If you get confused on them just compare them to the picture and it might help. One way to keep it straight is that the front card mat and the side card mat are the same length.

Here is a picture of the mat on the front of the card after being placed on the front. You will want to add any eyelets and brads at this point.

This picture shows the placement of the side mat which is seen on the front of the card when it is finally put together.

Here is a close up of trying to show the adhesive on the tabs, the picture is a little blurry, sorry about that! And also how it looks after it is adhered.

Here is the front of the card with the confidential and off the record attached. These cuts were done with Graphically Speaking.....LOVE THAT CART!!

Here is a picture of the slide out card with the mat attached and then with the words and question mark put on it.

And here is the overview of the card. I did doodle on it after this picture was taken to give it a more finished look....and because I like doodling. OOHH THAT SOUNDS KINDA DIRTY DOESN'T IT! hee hee hee

Also used a small Happy Birthday stamp under the you're how old which can be seen in the first picture in this post. I think this one would be good for a man also, I always have problems with birthday cards for men!!


  1. I love this card concept! I think the E is agreeing with your creativity, Okie! Thanks for sharing your cut file!
    Mary101, Cricut forum

  2. OH MY GOSH I love this it is fantastic

  3. Hi Okie

    Wow I love this card, great idea and great job.
    to bad your e broke down, hope the new one wil arive soon.
    thanks for sharing the files.

    Take care Linda

  4. I love this card so much Okie ... so I made one too! I only have the baby bug so I used George, Printing Press, Base Camp & Alphalicious. It turned out so cute! I couldn't understand the slide out you were describing (yeah, DUH!) until I was actually cutting things out! What can I say, I'm slow! :) Thanks for sharing this card! You are super!

  5. WOW...your blog is amazing! You are one talented girl!!

  6. I love this card so much, I'm scraplifting it! Thank you so much for making a cut file for it!!

  7. Thank you for the cut files. Always looking for new greeting cards. You're the best!

    Gwen DeBok

  8. Thanks for this great file and idea. I agree that it would be a great masculine card. I love the look of your card!

  9. Thanks for the file, Okie! I have a guy card to make for a coworker, and I think this will be perfect!
    Terrie L

  10. I love this card! I am so using it for DH's 40th bday!! TFS

  11. Thanks Okie for the .cut file! It saved me when I had to do a Birthday Card for my Father-in-Law's 86th birthday today. Loved your directions - you explained everything perfectly.

    Thanks again - Susan

  12. Hi Okielady,
    Sorry, thought I had left a comment earlier, but when I came back to follow the recipe, it seems I didn't.
    Love this card, I am making it at the moment, because I couldn't wait.
    Once again you are top of the class.
    TFS, especially with all the stress you have at the moment, hope all is better with your daughter.