Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you ever.......

Think you have a grand idea and that the project will be just fabulous?? Well I had a grand idea to make 4 recipe books for prizes for my Christmas party. Now I am doubting myself. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Do you know how much stuff there is to cut out?? *okie gives a deep sigh* I will finish them and I will use them as prizes. I just hope the other scrappers coming to the party don't get these as prizes. My friends that don't scrap will think they are fabulous. ROTFLMAO

Luckily I am only doing 15 recipes. I plan on using my Bind It All to put them together. I have to wait until I am completely done with them before I can order wires because I have no idea how thick these things are going to be, maybe somewhere between 200-5,000 layers by the time I am finished!! AACCKKK!! *okie certainly hopes there are BIA wires big enough to handle the job*


  1. WOW I want to see them
    when u R done.. I had that Bind it all ordered and they emailed me and said they did not have any and that They were on HOLD. I was so sad... I am still hoping to get one where did u get yours?? OOO U can do anything..U is AMAZING!!

  2. you can do it!! u r so funny!! Happy halloween to you too!!

  3. I would like to come to your Christmas party to have a chance at the recipes.hehe
    I have this idea but I will be making heritage recipe books for my children. They always ask how I made this and that so I figure they would appreciate this. I just bought the "Your Story" thermal book binder. I haven't tried it yet but hope to this week.

  4. You are off to a great start. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.