Saturday, June 26, 2021

Recovered the Craftroom Tabletops

My craft tables have taken a beating over the years. My craftroom table set up is from Ikea and I have been wanting to get new table tops but it's over 3 hours to the nearest Ikea so replacing them isn't something I can just do easily. I eventually would like to get new ones and have them professionally laminated with Formica so they will last a long time. In the mean time I wondered if I could cover them with something cheap and easy. 

I searched on Amazon and found Oxdigi White Contact Paper (#amazonaffliate) that said it was good for cabinets, countertops, kitchen shelves, etc and decided to give it a try. If it worked then YAY me and if it didn't then I was only out about 20 bucks and I could use it for lining shelves in the kitchen cabinets or drawers. 

I started out with rolling out some of the vinyl and going over the end edge and the slowly pressed and removed the backing a little at a time pulling it out from underneath. I will admit I was really afraid I was going to mess it up since there wasn't much room for error on the sides. I used my Cricut TrueControl Knife (#amazonaffliate) to trim on the edges. This is probably the best Xacto type knife I've ever used and changing the blade is simple. I also like the little ridge it has to keep it from rolling around. On a side note I had an abscess in my top gums one time and used it to lance the abscess, sterilizing it first of course, but I don't recommend it for this use even though it got the job done. 

Above is a picture of the 3 table tops all covered. It sure looks a lot better than the inked and scratched up mess they were. 

Here is a close up and if you notice there is a little bit of a glitter shine to the vinyl which I don't mind at all. Another thing I did was use my heat gun on the edges to make sure they were down good. 

I covered these back in February I think and they are still looking good. I think it helps because I use my Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat (#amazonaffliate) when I'm crafting and it keeps the ink and glue from getting on the table but the times I have gotten ink on the table top it cleans up easily with the Stamp Cleaning Solution I make. 


  1. OMG !!!! They look like brand new tables....excellent job. You are a "jackie of all trades" Ms. Shirley.

    1. I’ll eventually get new tops and have them fornicated but for now these are working out. And thank you!

  2. They look incredible! Such a difference from the marked up mess they were. I bought your Stamp Cleaning Solution, and it works like a champ! Great work, Okie!

  3. I did this last March. I went for a wood grain contact paper. It was really thin, so I covered it with a clear contact paper. You can get higher quality contact paper in clear and you can't even tell there are two layers. Just in case anyone wants to do this with a contact paper that is more decorative than durable.

  4. This is a lot thicker than regular contact paper. I like the decorative sparkle it has.

  5. Shirley, your tables look amazing ... you did an outstanding job on them. It's as if they are brand new tables now, they even look new in the close up images. BTW, I love the white, especially with the touch of sparkle. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Wow they came out awesome. My Mom used that years ago to redo her kitchen counters. She did it several time then us girls pitched in and got her a new kitchen. She deserved it after raising 6 girls. Anyway happy to see you posting again. I kind of got out of scrapbooking and moved into Quilting and Embroidery. Hope all is well

  7. Wow, your tables came out great! They look like it will last a long time too!