Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dear Bill Gates

Dear Bill Gates,

I have been a fan of Microsoft for years and haven't even considered a fruity computer, ie an Apple, but with my recent purchase of a laptop that has Windows 8 installed I am considering some fruit salad for my computer needs.

You see Mr. Gates with your latest wonderful updated program I can't find a damn phucking thing on my computer unless by some miraculous stroke of luck I have been able to actually short cut it to the desktop. Speaking of desktop, why must I have to wade through little screens on the big screen when I turn on my computer to find my phucking desktop?

I understand some people are APP happy but I am not one of those people. I have Apps on my phone and I would like programs on my computer. Maybe this means I am not savvy or chic but I do not care to be, I prefer to find what I want where it is suppose to be and be able to access the things I want with a click of a mouse. But, no, instead I spend 30 minutes scrolling and scrolling back through the phucking red screen only to realize I have to hit the phucking down arrow and then scroll for 2 hours through the little windows to find the program, oh excuse me, the phucking APP, I am looking for. Sometimes by the time I find it, sadly, it is already time for me to go to bed so I can go to work the next morning and then I have nightmares about little windows coming after me.

I often use the Paint program, oh sorry, Paint app, and do you know it actually took me 3 phucking days to find the damn thing the first time! I will say I am quite impressed with myself because now I can usually find it within a minute. BUT, only because of the search feature, or is that an App as well?

I can't remember how to shut down my damn computer half the phucking time. I truly miss being able to click in the bottom left hand corner and a nice little menu coming up and being able to conveniently seeing what program I want to open or turn off the computer.

I could go on and on but I'm afraid if I keep typing I will accidentally end up erasing everything I have typed as that has happened several times and one time I lost half my email contacts because I hit something and I have no idea where they went. But one last thing...I want my old calculator back! Ya know, the little one that looked like a calculator! I hate the phucking whole screen calculator and I was able to get it down to half a screen one time but I didn't like that either.

I hope this letter find you having a terrible day.

who wishes Steve Jobs was still alive and kickin


  1. Ha ha ha you are too funny and I am sure you are not the only one that feels that way about Windows 8. Luckily my computer and laptop has 7. I do hope you actually do send him this letter. I hear 10 is coming out as a free upgrade and the start button/menu will be back

  2. It really does suck.

  3. I am cracking up as when I got my new PC with the damn 8 on it I could literally not figure out how to open anything or to shut it down once up and running. To say "I hate 8" is an understatement. We need t-shirts, Okie!!

  4. I am Apple person. I breed Apple people and I am the offspring of an Apple person. We have everything Mac friendly. You aren't making a mistake taking the leap to Apple. I was HP all the way and then I had to buy more antivirus chit for my laptop and said phukit. I am done! Love my MacBook Pro and am living happily ever after.

  5. I'm in the club too!!!!! I downloaded Classic Shell which makes it look more like Windows 7, but I HATE how I lose my screen to all the app crap that still pops up

  6. Very well said, It´s ashame that things that work have to be changed. I have Windows XP and that is why I have not upgraded, but the day is getting closer when I need a new computer and it will have to be with a new Windows. I am not looking forward to that. I hope Bill Gates reads your letter.

  7. Oh my God am I ever with you!!!!!!!!! I bought a new laptop for my daughter that has Windows 8.1 on it 2 Christmases ago & I HATE, that word isn't even strong enough for how much I LOTHE Windows 8 for the same reason.
    I DESPIRATELY need a new computer. I have 99% of this 750 GB hard drive filled on my Windows 7 computer.
    I need to get a computer with at least 2 TB for all my photos & cutting files. BUT, I haven't done it because I HATE Windows 8 so much.
    I just got a free offer to upgrade to 10 when it comes out. I don't have room on this computer. But, I will upgrade my daughters laptop.
    Windows 8 is the WORST EVER program Microsoft came up with. That & the changes to Office, which I ALWAYS LOVED until those idiots changed it!
    For cripes sake, DON'T FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope Microsoft reads your blog!!!!!

  8. Exactly!!! I got an email about "10" coming. Scared to death about this upgrade. Right now I can still get to my SVGs.

  9. APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, an Bravo too. Very well put Shirley. You are not alone in how you feel. I have had the delighted pleasure of dealing with Windows 8 for about a year and a helf now, and ... I STILL DO NOT LIKE IT! Bring back Windows 7, pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzz!

    I know you are only letting off a little steam in this post ... but some how, some way, I do hope this note makes to the desk of "Dear Bill Gates" ... he needs to see it.

  10. I am not an Apple user, but I did consider it when my PC crashed and my new one with Windows 8. To say this is a horrible version of Windows is an understatement! I can't figure out where things went, which button did I touch or "Pass over" to make things disappear and, just in general, I HATE WINDOWS 8 and I have no use for the touch screen -- not only do I now press unknown buttons, but I can get "near" the screen, and things start happening - I'm even having an awful time getting this comment finished. Better stop before I lose it!

  11. I so agree! Especially the calculator part! And I have yet to figure out how to minimize an open pdf...

  12. Well said Shirley! I have Windows 8 too and I don't like it one bit. Why do I have to toggle back and forth just to shut down my computer?! And these apps are driving me crazy, I just want my regular programs back. I can't find anything either. I have a phone with apps, so I don't need them on my computer. Sigh-I guess I'm stuck with Windows 8, so I will make the best of it, but I'm not loving it one bit at all! Hugs, Brenda

  13. Couldn't have said it better. I too hate Windows 8!! My laptop crashed and had to buy a new one, and have been frustrated with it since day one. Hope your message get to him loud and clear. We don't like this crap...Windows 8.

    On a positive that you're posting again.

  14. Isn't this the truth. I HATE Windows 8. My husband keep telling me, it's not that bad. You'll get used to it. Well, I've used it (because I had no options) for about 8 months now. My opinion hasn't changed yet but I do notice one thing it has done, My husband for some reason :) :) hasn't decided he needs the latest model computer this year. Like normal) I wonder why .... ? :)
    Anna N.

  15. you are not alone. I went from a 8 year old computer to a new windows 8. I've got the basics down, but have trouble all the time. I often do a search to find out how to do a task, like split the windows or change back the size of the screen once some 'magic spell' changes the size so small I can't read it. good luck


  16. LOL!! I've had 8 since it came out, unfortunately, and am JUST NOW getting used to it. It sucked big time, for a LONG TIME but I'm finally able to be productive again.