Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Updated Stamp Storage

Yesterday I told ya that after I got the closet organized and then my stamps organization updated I decided to change how the stamps were stored and today I am going to show you the pictures. 

So this is how my stamps looked when I finished the closet. If ya look close you can see some boxes on top of the crates that have stamps in them that needed to be unmounted and there were the ones on the bottom shelf that needed to be cataloged. Every time I slack off on keeping my stamps cataloged and organized I swear I will never do that again and then I do it again! One of my driving forces for getting it done this time is that there is a sale next weekend and I needed to know how much room I had left for storage so I would know if I could buy any or not. 

It's hard to see in this picture but I also have labels on the spines and like the ones I do because it gives them all a more uniformed look. 

Here is a close up of the cases and you can see more clearly how the spines are labeled. I also type in a brief description and since some of the stamps have coordinating framelits or thinlits I store them in the cases as well and added that to the spine label. 

The label at the bottom is on the outside of the case and coordinates with my catalog so I can easily flip through my catalog and then go to the shelf and grab the case the stamp is in that I am wanting to use. 

If I have framelits or thinlits I store them in a case and use a magnet sheet to keep them in place. This particular one was a bundle so it is together. They are in the catalog the same way so I can find them easily. 

Since I was lazy and didn't feel like cutting each framelit or thinlit, and to save space as well, I drew inside the framelit or thinlit and slid the paper in the case, I repeated the drawing in my catalog as well. 

I was down to my last few cases when suddenly I remembered I had some board out in the garage that the carpenter left when he was fixing the eaves and wondered if it would work for shelving in the shelving *okie wonders how that even works*. Let me see if I can explain that better...I wanted to get rid of the crates as they were taking up some space but I wanted to be able to use the space above the stamp cases because we all know that storage space is precious property. 

It definitely opened up some space, made it all look neater and gave me a little more space above the stamps for storing something....not sure what yet but I will think of something! I will likely paint the wood pieces and since they are not permanently put together it will be easy to take them out and paint them later on when the weather gets nicer. 

For new readers if you are interested you can check out my STAMP CATALOG and see how I able to find stamps easily. 


  1. Looks great Shirley, but then I thought it looked great before. lol I love how organized you are. Hugs, Brenda

    1. Yes you can! Here is a link

      If I was just starting out I would order from this place since you can get 100 for 80 bucks, cheaper in the long run and you might think you would never need 100 but they go pretty fast LOL.