Friday, September 6, 2013


Okay as you can tell I am a little obsessed with my heat press! This will be my last post about it. JUST KIDDING! I am sure there will be more!

Like I said earlier I had this design ready for when I needed to do t-shirts for football season but I didn't know at that time I was going to have a heat press and while I might have gone a little overboard right now I am LOVIN IT!

When Linda and I went to the vinyl shop last month I got the glitter HTV and it had a black background and I knew I could use it for my t-shirts, at least for the girls. I haven't found any guys who are willing to rock the glitter! Once I knew I was getting the heat press I thought I would try rhinestones as well so I was able to cut a template by doing a shadow layer and then choosing the "outline" option under the rhinestone feature in Make The Cut. I am so loving this design with all the bling! I will be making one like this for my daughter and also her sister-in-law. We are probably the only ones that will have one this fancy...just so we can make others jealous! HA HA HA

I had to do the same method of "inset" as I did in a post earlier this week. I put the glitter HTV down first and then went in with the other colors, making sure to use the original "transfer sheet" for the glitter layer over the color and transfer layer so it wouldn't stick. I did leave the nose plain because it was suppose to be orange and I thought it would look funny.

So last weekend I had a four day weekend and I think I was able to get a lot accomplished since I did the following:
- Learned to use the heat press
- Learned settings for my Pazzles on cutting various HTV
- Learned settings for my Pazzles for Sticky Flock
- Learned how to "inset" specialty HTV
- Learned how figure out circle sizes for rhinestones
- Learned how to apply rhinestones
- Made a chit load of t-shirts!

This weekend won't be filled with crafting and learning but we will be sporting our t-shirts at the first home game!


  1. All of your tiger shirts projects are just GGGRRREEAAATTT. ROAR ROAR. Beautiful work


  2. Where are you Okie? :) I visit your blog everyday and not just for the awesome projects you do but your story telling makes me smile. I hope all is well with you and your family.
    Kim S. from N. California

  3. Where is the file for the Tiger? I would love to have it.

  4. I did this before I started saving files as SVG.