Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When I Am Bored And Don't Feel Like Crafting

**WARNING: Do not read if you get scared easily or the thought of cutting your own hair causes panic attacks*

When I am bored and tired and don't feel like crafting or organizing dangerous stuff could happen, as it did last night. I was wanting to do something but wasn't in the mood to do any crafting or putting away the other stamp sets I need to get cataloged. I had finished a book earlier in the evening that I had been reading and I didn't feel like starting another one. I kept wondering what I could do and I was reading Facebook and then posted:

So I might just do an experiment and cut my hair while sitting at the craft table, no mirror, just my scissors and see what I come up with. I keep thinking I need some excitement in my life....

of course there some who posted DO IT and others that told me to put the scissors down. But of course I picked up my cutterbees and the posted the following...

The hair I have cut off so far during my "no mirror, watching LL Cool J on tv, hair cutting experiment"

Some folks thought it was fake, others thought I had lost my mind and then there is Danielle who said "WHOOHOOO!! I love Okie haircuts!!!". Personally I think Danielle probably likes to watch bad train wrecks as well! HA HA HA

I went back to cutting and then posted this...
Not sure what is going to become of this

Again there were some comments but my favorite was Ian's who said "I smell a mullet" and he did later comment he was excited to see the final outcome.

My next photo was of the back of my head *okie wonders even now what the back looks like since she hasn't seen it and hasn't taken a photo since finishing*.
 I posted...
 Still cutting

My friend Cheryl said "weren't you told not to cut your own hair!!!!!!!". I think she probably thinks I am completely Gobsmacked *okie is quite proud of her use of Aussie slang* and won't let me move in with her at her lovely home in Australia now!

My friend Kendra said " Your cutting your own hair! That seems like crafting to me...better stop quick! Today was a no crafting, no scissors day. :-)". I think she forgot I never said anything about NOT using scissors!

This is the picture of all the hair I cut off, it's just laying in the trashcan looking something like a long haired squirrel *okie suddenly wonders where the hell was that squirrel to distract her from cutting her own damn hair and decides squirrels are not to be trusted*.  

My last picture was the final results, after I washed and blow dried my hair of course! Oh and remember I don't have on a lick of make-up so no smart-alack comments about how bad I look!! 

I posted:
*DRUM ROLL* And here is the result of my "no mirror, watching LL Cool J on tv, hair cutting experiment". Not perfect, not very good but not too bad for being bored, no mirror and not being a professional stylist!

I got a ton of comments and I still think some of my Facebook friends were in shock at the fact that I really and truly did cut my own hair but the overall consensus was they liked my new haircut.

Here is a rundown of how the event took place...

I am bored *starting twirling my hair*
I want a hair cut
I see Lucy's clippers
I see my cutterbee's *thinking to self cutterbee's are probably safer*
I don't to get my lazy azz up and go to the other room, besides LL Cool J is on the tv.
I grab the cutterbee's
I twirl a piece of hair on the top of my head and whack it off at the length I think I want.
I continue to watch LL Cool J
I twirl another piece of hair and whack it off
I continue to watch LL Cool J
I twirl a piece of hair and wonder what it would be like to whack LL Cool J
I whack off a piece of hair instead
continue to twirl, continue to whack off the hair
Go to bathroom and wash hair
Go to bedroom and blow dry
Look in mirror and wonder if I like it and then shrug and think "It's hair, if I don't like it it's not a problem,it will grow back"

And that is what happens when I am bored and don't feel like crafting.


  1. Looks good to me. My husband has cut his own hair for 40 years. He wouldn't go to a stylist if you paid him to do it! He does use a mirror, though. :)

  2. OMG you crack me up every single day!! I need to meet you in person some day! Look me up if you're ever in central Florida :)

  3. Another thing I forgot to mention:
    The hair looks awesome and with the money you saved by not going elsewhere for a haircut, you can spend more money on craft supplies!!

  4. I think you did darn good. Looks really good. :) You are a braver woman than I though.

  5. I'm no stranger to picking up a scissors and cutting my own hair. I've done it many of times! i think that you did a great job!


  6. woohoo!!! you did a fabulous job...I now know that I'm not the only one that cuts my own hair..i have long curly hair..and pros only know one cut "short" straight or curly...I even layer my hair...
    great job..

  7. I love it. I have cut my own hair using a mirror and clippers and I must agree with you when you said, "It's only hair, it will grow back". So true! You did a fantastic job given the circumstances!!

  8. I love it. I have cut my own hair using a mirror and clippers and I must agree with you when you said, "It's only hair, it will grow back". So true! You did a fantastic job given the circumstances!!

  9. Hehe!! I did that last week too (minus the watching TV and LL Cool J....). I cut over 12" off mine though....Going to donate it!

  10. Your haircut is looking pretty darn cute Shirley! I wish I could cut my hair and have it look like that with a mirror! lol I can't believe how well you did and didn't us a mirror. Do you do anything bad?!! lol I think I need to come out your way and rub elbows with you and maybe some of your talent will rub off on me. lol

  11. OMGOSH!!! You are one crazy lady! I think this is one thing I would never ever ever do! But I gotta say.... your haircut does look FABULOUS! Great job! :O)

  12. Well - it turned out fabulous LOL - I love it. Now if I had tried that, I probably would have ended up having to go to the hairdressers and have it all shaved off LOL - big smiles:-))

  13. Woman, you crack me up! I admit...I was hyperventilating just a little as I read...because you have straight hair and that could be disastrous, but you did a fab job! If you ever get tired of being a therapist, you can take your skills to a salon any day.