Sunday, September 25, 2011

Naughty Girls Surprise - WINNER

I had planned on doing this not long after I finished up posting the Naughty Girls series of cards but then I got busy with work and then I got bronchitis and hadn't had the time nor energy to post the surprise.

If you are one of my regular readers you know that occasionally I will do a giveaway on my blog but rarely do I post it on the Cricut MB or Facebook as I like for my  regular readers to win instead of someone just coming to post so they can win things. I personally don't get into doing giveways to attract readers. I prefer that people read my blog and look at my projects because they want to, not so they can have a chance at something free. Don't get me wrong, I love FREE and enter sweepstakes and such but I just feel for my own personal site I rather a regular reader have a better shot at winning something.

*okie steps off her soapbox* So anywho, I finally got around to doing a drawing for a set of the Naughty Girls card series and the winner is...

Julieta aka Flamenco92627 who posted:
 That's hilarious! Love the punny sentiment. LMAO~September 12, 2011 10:55 AM 

Julieta please email me your information so I can get the card set in the mail to you!


  1. Congratulations to Julieta.....Okie glad your feeling better.xx

  2. That's Wonderful! COngrats Julieta! I know your gonna love these! :o)


  3. I have to agree with your soapbox speech!! Besides I'd rather know that the people following are following because they like what they see. :)

    Congrats to Julieta!

  4. Congratulations Julieta And I agree Okie about the giveaways.

  5. i have just subcribed to your blog directed from Obessed with scrapping.
    I have fallen in love with your wodnerful naughty cards. Such a lovley way to us puns. I have been laughing all morning reading them.
    TSVM Just love them.