Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do you recyle?

I DO! Okay with finding stuff to papercraft with anyway! I found some boxes today when I was looking in my gift wrap/box cabinet. They are like cardboard with one side of smooth paper missing. They are the collapsible kind of boxes that gift stores use. I found them at Walls Bargain Center for a dime a piece years ago. I remember the LSS having some of this stuff and it was like 6 bucks for 5 small sheets and thought to myself "HEY! I CAN USE THOSE FOR SOMETHING!"

Then I thought about the tins I am altering and thought I would try some of the paper on it. I LOVE IT!! I used some Prima Hydrangea flowers and some Kaiser pearls. The pictures and wording are from a K & Company pack that had punchouts. The beautiful ribbon is some that my friend Theresa from the cricut MB sent me.